Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What if Balzac rode the Amtrak?

As you may have inferred from my previous post, I am a commuter.  Yes, I am that office slave you see in the morning speed walking to Penn Station so as to not spill my coffee from my eco-friendly travel mug.  And, yes, that was me standing at the bus stop in the rain staring up the street hoping the bus will actually show up. 

Commuting by public transit rocks. 

I mean that seriously.   I will take commuting by train/bus any day over driving. The stories I encounter daily are beyond real and make the tedious trip entertaining.

Where else can one hear the conversational hat trick that follows:

Overheard #1 on the MARC train, southbound just outside BWI Airport Station 
Man on cell phone: "so for dinner tonight we are having pickled tongue and heart. That'll get you going. The tongue is dense, while the heart is soft and rich. Quite a combination."
 Overheard #2 on the MARC train, northbound just outside Odenton, MD
Middle-Aged Woman #1: ....so, she is tall and thin.  And, the husband, is short and a little homely looking.
Middle-Aged Woman #2: Do they live in your neighborhood?
MAW #1: I think so.  At least, they are always exercise walking on my street.  I think they live in the house with all the gopher holes in the yard.  I think she's an anorexic.
MAW #2: That's my brother's wife.
 Overheard #3 on the Baltimore MTA Bus, northbound on Charles St.
Young Man: The jobs is sh*t right now.  Ain't no one I know whose gettin' work.
Older Man: I know that's right.
Young Man: I've had like, two three different jobs in the last two years.  That's why I've been dealing drugs.  I've been dealing since I was 16 and that sh*t is consistent.


  1. The last comment is hilarious! The fact that the low key business man on the train was actually a drug dealer is hilarious! Oh how I miss riding the MARC! :P

  2. LOL Love listening in to this world. It cracks me up!

  3. Hahaha...are you making this up? Sadly, I know that you are not. - Keisha