Monday, September 6, 2010

There is a first for everything...

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to take a jog through the Inner Harbor of Baltimore.  It was a Sunday evening and I thought, incorrectly, I had missed the tourist crowd.  Apparently, I was the only resident of Baltimore that did not know there was a tall ship docked at the Harbor this weekend.

The end of my run brought me to the steps of the Maryland Science Center.  I was relieved to have made it this far.  One, because I was finally at the end of this madness.  Two, because I was finally at the end of this madness.
Not a picture of the actual event.  This is a reenactment for dramatic effect

As I made my way around the bend of the sidewalk I noticed a banner was erected along the cement wall of the MSC.  There were pictures of famous events/discoveries of science depicted on the banner, along with the new tourism slogan:  It makes you ponder, who approved this marketing contract and is possible to reinstate public flogging?

In all honesty, I would not have noticed the banner if it were not for the following:

Child in stroller:  "Mommy, who is that man with the apple on his head?"
Mother: "Wha? O, that's George Washington.  He cut down an apple tree. Or something."
I closed my eyes, briefly, and hoped these people were from Canada.

And that is my first contribution to this blog. Thanks for reading this far.  I hope you stay tuned for more.

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  1. I love you AJ!!! We always knew you had a wonderful sense of humor and the strength to shudder at the obvious. Keep writing!