Tuesday, October 19, 2010

African turtles are carnivores. Fear the turtle.

So folks, as promised, I am posting your submissions.  This one is from Sarah Perrich.  She is rather funny.  You should check out her blogs: How (not) to write a book and Was Constaninople 

Sarah's story begins on the light rail to BWI from Baltimore.  Sarah, an avid reader, always seems to pick the wrong people to sit near, loud talkers. It is Saturday, the Baltimore Marathon is happening back in the city.  The train goes over a bridge over some water. 

Woman: Oh! Oh! See, sometimes, sometimes on some of those logs down there? Like see, like them logs down there sticking out of the water. Like see that log sticking out of the water? That one right there. See sometimes there'll be a snapping turtle on it.  
Man: No shit! How big? 
W: Oh, like this big. He'll just be sittin on the log, like that log out there. But he isn't there today. But they're snapping turtles. They're the kind that, like, snap. And bite.  
M: So, a turtle has, like, what? Webbed feet?  
W: Lord, I dunno. I never get close enough to see. I wouldn't go out in that water if you paid me. It's like when we go down Ocean City, I don't get in that water either. Cause you know, you just know there's sharks out there, just a little bit further. There's all kinds of sharks just waiting. I'm always like, why would I get into water with sharks and jellyfish? 
M: I know that's right.  
M: I still can't believe Africans always win that marathon race.

I am certain, it is at this point Sarah closed her book, sighed in Charlie Brown fashion, and moved to a new seat on the opposite side of the train car.

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